Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Wow! My blog has now been viewed over 30,000 times! What??? I'm honored that you all feel that what I have to say is interesting enough to read. I started writing this blog as a way to let my feelings about living with cystic fibrosis out in the open instead of holding it in. I also was looking for a way to connect with others dealing with the same things I am and a way to share my daily life with CF with my family and friends. I never knew that others would take the time to see what I have going on in my life. :)

In case anyone is keeping track, I am now on day 68 of being 100% compliant (victorious)! I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself for sticking with my breathing treatments even with work being completely crazy lately. There have been days that I have woken up way later than intended forcing me to go to work with my hair still wet, but I still got my morning breathing treatments in.

In Great Strides news, I have now raised $520, and my team is up to $745! I still have a long ways to go to meet my goal of $8,000, so please consider helping me out. Any amount is greatly appreciated! All you have to do is click on the picture below.

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  1. I went to an interesting health seminar where a representative from Positive Power Nutrition said that 98% percent of disease is caused by imbalance in the body as follows: 90% pH balancing, 5% mineral balancing, 3% hormone balancing and 2% energy balancing. According to the seminar speaker, you can reverse cystic fibrosis and other diseases by adjusting the diet to more alkaline foods like cucumbers, celery, tomatos, avocados, broccoli and carrots. Use pH test strips from a health food store to test your pH. You need to be in the healing range of 7.3 to 7.4. The vegetables need to be eaten raw or lightly steamed to stay alkaline. Cooked vegetables and other foods like meat, bread, milk and cheese create acid in the body. An overly acidic body is what makes mucus. Magnesium, potassium and calcium are important minerals and often lacking in fortified cereals and vitamins. Eat plain yogurt for calcium, potassium and good bacteria and almond butter for Vitamin E, magnesium and calcium. Note: some greek yogurts do not contain potassium. Fortified cereal can provide other important vitamins and minerals. I have healed many problems in my body including CF caused by excess acid. I hope you get relief as well. Mary