Sunday, August 21, 2011

Alone Time

Well, my husband has been gone for a week, and he won't be back until Friday night. Now, I will be the first to tell you that Eldon helps out around the house a ton, but that has never been so obvious as it is now. Normally, first thing in the morning, he will take our dog out and feed the animals while I go through my morning routine to get ready for work. With him not here, I have had to get up earlier in order to fit it all in. I wake up, take Belle out, feed the animals, do my breathing treatment, eat breakfast, get ready for work, pack a lunch, and leave for work. Man am I ready for a helping hand again!

Some goodness has come out of me being alone. I got the urge to start painting and doing other crafty things again. I have always loved doing those things, but I never really made the time for them. Now I have a whole list of projects that I want to do, so I'm pretty excited! Yesterday, I spent 5 hours painting a canvas for one of my best friend's birthday. It was so calming, and I'm ready to go out and get some more canvases to do some more painting! I'll put a picture of the painting up once I have given it to her.... can't ruin the surprise! :)

The point of this post is that even though some good came from Eldon being gone, I am more than ready for him to come home. I miss him a lot, and Friday cannot come soon enough! Happy Sunday everyone!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Out Run CF

This is such a great idea for a way to get those who have Cystic Fibrosis and those who know someone with it to be active and to raise some more awareness! I missed the first Out Run CF, but I have already registered for this one. I couldn't be more excited! I invite all of you to join in! Here is the information that I got off Cysticlife.

The first Out Run CF Virtual Race was a huge success. Runners and walkers from all over the world came together with one thing in mind, to Out Run Cystic Fibrosis! This fall, on October 1, 2011, we plan to do it again. The Rock CF Foundation and CysticLife are joining forces, once again, to bring you another Out Run CF Virtual Race.
In case you missed out last time, or need a refresher, here is how it works. Anyone and everyone is invited to participate: Fibros, Cysters, parents, spouses, friends, extended family, you name it! Participants will find a route near their house. Then on October 1, 2011, EVERYONE will lace up their sneakers and hit the pavement in their Out Run CF shirt (Each registrant will receive a t-shirt unique to this fall’s race from us in the mail).
No distance is too long, or too short. YOU pick YOUR mileage. 1 mile? 5K? 10K? 10 miles? Half Marathon? Marathon? It’s up to you! Nothing is too fast or too slow YOU pick YOUR speed. We just want to get the entire CF community out of their houses and into their running shoes on the same day, for the same cause.
Registrants can blog about their training, ask questions, and share tips on We want the entire site to be plastered with talk of exercise, running, and encouragement. On race day, we want people to post their times and their experiences. Let’s make this Virtual Race even BIGGER than the first one! Let’s make it the biggest race the community, and the world, has ever seen!!
So here again are the hard facts:

Who: Everyone
What: Outrun CF Virtual Race held by Rock CF Foundation and CysticLife
When: October 1, 2011
Where: Anywhere
Why: Because anyone can run—whether it’s for a minute or a marathon! Together we can Out Run CF.
How : Register at

Helpful sites to get you started:—Blog about your progress, ask questions about training to the community, post Airwaves with your daily run updates, connect with others to encourage them and be encouraged—Make and account and join the Rock CF/CysticLife group to track your miles and keep track of others!—Join the Out Run CF group to see how many people are outrunning CF and connect with them!—Get inspired, find training programs.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Couldn't Resist

So I just couldn't resist putting up a few of the professional pictures from our wedding! We were blessed with such an amazing and perfect day! Who knows... there might be more posted later. All of these pictures were taken by Watson-Studios, and they are fantastic!!!

For starters, we decided to see each other before the wedding. It was such a special moment to be with Eldon and talk about how we were doing and how excited we were. I was emotional, of course, and I ended up crying! :)

Here are a few pictures of our wonderful wedding party!

Some of the pictures we took together before the wedding. 

And now, the ceremony!

And now to the reception! Lots of dancing and fun!

So, I love our pictures, and I love to share them. You will just have to bare with me! :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Terrible CF Weather

The weather here has been pretty terrible lately. It has been hot and miserable with a lot of air quality alerts which means that when I go outside, I get out of breath walking to the car. Needless to say, working out has not been a priority for me. Now the weather is cooling down, and the air doesn't feel as thick. So the next step is to get back into exercising slowly. I'm thinking my Zumba for Wii may be the first step for me to get back into it. It is good cardio and gets me coughing every time I use it. I'm ready to make sure the next doctor's appointment has even higher numbers than this last one. I have until October 26th to make some progress. Wish me luck!