Monday, June 24, 2013

Small Update

Since my doctors were not thrilled with my numbers being down at my last clinic appointment, I went on oral antibiotics for two weeks and went in for a follow up PFT on June 17. My FEV1 went up slightly from 47% to 49%. My doctors were still worried about it, but I told them I was feeling fine. Honestly, I just really want to enjoy my summer and not be stressing out about antibiotics and PFT's and numbers. I want to be able to concentrate on my health without putting the pressure of getting the right numbers for my lung function. I did gain 3 pounds during those 2 weeks, and that made my doctors less worried. I guess they figured that if I'm gaining weight, the lung function will follow.

I've been working really hard to make my lungs improve some. Today is the 29th day of not missing any treatments. We went on vacation, and I didn't miss any while I was there. That's a huge deal to me, because there was a time when I wouldn't even take my breathing treatment stuff with me on vacation. It was not the wisest decision, but in my head, it wouldn't matter if I took a week off. Obviously, I have come to my senses, but it did take awhile for that to happen. I'm also getting back into walking... Tonight, I went 3.5 miles. I'm not quite ready for any running, but hopefully, we will be working that into the regimen at some point.

Long story short, I am trying to enjoy every moment of my summer break while taking care of myself and getting the rest that my body needs. My next clinic appointment is August 28th, so I will worry about my numbers at that time. Until then, it's all about just being healthy! :)

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  1. Good for you! Keep enjoying the summer and keep doing those treatments!!!