Friday, May 31, 2013

Great Strides 2013

Like I pointed out in my last post, I'm a little behind in writing posts. We had our Great Strides walk on May 18th, and it was wonderful! It rained all morning which did not help attendance, but we had fun anyways. The rain pretty much stopped when it was walk time which was much appreciated.

Before the walk, there was a 5k that I participated in. I didn't do much running, but I did finish it in a reasonable amount of time. :) I started the race jogging and finished it the same way.

After the 5k concluded, it was Great Strides time. A few words were said and the walk began. I had so many people there to support me including family and friends! The walk always helps me how much support I really have.

The goal for the walk this year was $130,000, and we are very close to making it to that goal. I still have some money trickling in, but as of right now, my team raised $6,700! We haven't made it to my $7,000 goal, but I'm very proud of what we did!

Walk day was so much fun, and plans are being formed on how to make it even better next year! I can't wait!

Check out my amazing friends and family who came out to share their support! I love them all!

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