Monday, April 28, 2014

Does it get any easier?

Those of you who have been following my story know that being compliant with breathing treatments has been a huge struggle for me. Breathing treatments were a source of bitterness and frustration beginning in high school that has continued through my young adulthood. When I got the opportunity to go off to college and gain my independence, I chose to use that freedom to skip out on most of my breathing treatments. If you haven't read about the consequences of those decisions, you can do so here.

After the wake-up call that was the lung transplant scare, I decided that it was time to turn my life and my health care around. I had every intention to do so, but I still struggled with staying compliant with my treatments. My lung function has fluctuated since that 59% in 2010. I have made the goal to be 100% compliant multiple times now, and I wish I could say they were extremely successful. The problem is that I stick to it for a little while, and I always fizzle after awhile.

I vowed that 2014 would be different, and so far, it has been! My new year's resolution was to be 100% compliant this year. It has now officially been my longest stretch of compliance since high school! I'm on day 118, and I am so proud of myself. Going back to the title of this post, it really does get easier. I have gotten into the habit of doing my treatments. I even throw in extra treatments when I'm not feeling well which is a huge deal when it comes to me. There was a time when I would have never even considered doing an extra treatment voluntarily!

Even though it is getting easier to stick to my treatment compliance, I still dream of the day when those of us fighting cystic fibrosis don't have to deal with breathing treatments and other medications daily. Help me make that dream a reality and add tomorrows for cystic fibrosis patients! Just click on the link, and make a contribution. I cannot stress enough that there is no amount that is too small! Every little bit adds up! Please help!

I have a lot of work to do before I reach my goal of $8,000. I can only do it if you help! Thank you all for your continued love and support!

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