Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Happy Friday!

Today was the two week follow up PFT to see if the oral antibiotics have helped at all. I've been feeling better, so I knew that my numbers would be higher, but I wasn't sure how much so. Since today was a snow day, I got to sit around and worry what my numbers would show all day long. I am happy to report that my FEV1 went from 41% to 54%!  I could not be happier! My goal for today was 50%. I'm done with my antibiotics, and I've finally kicked the flu! It only took about 7 weeks.

Now that I'm finally back on my feet, I can really go back to concentrating on getting my FEV1 as high as possible. I have my next clinic appointment February 20, and my goal is 60%. I've been compliant with my treatments, and I'm starting to get back into a workout routine which includes running/walking with some of my teacher friends. Life is good right now!

That was the biggest news for this post, but now I think I'll rewind to yesterday when Knoxville, TN actually got snow! We got out of school an hour early and had no school today! It was great... a mess... but really great. :)

Happy Happy Friday! 

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