Friday, October 14, 2011


For years, I have been saying that I was going to design a t-shirt for my Great Strides team, but I have failed time and time again. Well.... 2012 is the year! I have already started designing the shirts, and I have changed my team name to something a little more catchy. We are now Kayla's Krusaders. Here is the first design idea for our shirts.
I even added a little advertisement for my blog. :) I chose lime green for one purpose.... it stands out. You notice a shirt that bright. The ribbon and the rose are purple because in the US, that is the color of the CF Awareness ribbon. The rose on the back has two meanings. It is for the nickname that has been given to CF which is Sixty-five Roses. That came about because Cystic Fibrosis is such a difficult thing to say for young children. The second is that Rose is my maiden name making roses a big symbol in my life! Let me know what you think. 

And now there is a new one in the mix that my husband just designed. It has a nice UT feel, and I'm kind of liking it a lot. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Great shirts. They are both nice, (but the orange appeals to both genders...maybe?) It is SO HARD to design shirts. I am sure whatever you pick it will be awesome.

    We have had 2 CF shirts so far and it stresses me out so much each time. We probably should start thinking about ours for next spring already. The colors, the design, the difficult. Also, don't know if you have thought about this, but we found businesses in town that were willing to sponsor the back of the shirts this year. It was AMAZING!! We had over $2,000 from sponsors on the back of our shirts. Blew us away that businesses that couldn't just donate to you, could however donate via their "marketing" fund. Anyway, just a thought.

    Fun reading your blog.

  2. Both are awesome shirts. I actually like the orange ones better. Although I did green this year (2011); I've actually always wanted to do an orange-rustic color like you have.

    Oh-and with regards to heleadsus post above: I get sponsors for my t-shirts as well. I have 3 sponsors. All 3 donate a certain amount of money and I put their logos on the backs of my shirts. And usually my entire cost of shirts ends up being covered...which is great :)

    P.S. Love the idea of advertising your blog :)

  3. What companies sponsor your shirts? And how did you convince them to do that? Because that would be really awesome!