Thursday, September 29, 2011

Workouts and Outrun CF

Hello all! Wow... it has been a pretty great couple of weeks. I am notorious for saying I'm going to complete some really great workout plan/ running plan, but then I just fizzle out after a few days. Well, last week, I started doing P90X, and I purposely didn't post anything about it because I have tried this workout before. Both times, I made it a few days, and then just decided that I didn't really have time for it. Now, I am almost done with my second week and still going strong. I have learned how to work it into my schedule and still have time for breathing treatments, work, and other things. That is a pretty big challenge, because each workout is at least an hour long. The trick is that I have to do the workout right when I get home from work. Then there is no time to sit and think about how much I do not want to work out. I will say this about the program..... it is kicking my butt, and I love it! I can't wait to see if I can tell the difference in my lung function on October 26!

In other news, Outrun CF is this Saturday! I've got my t-shirt which is orange... Go Vols! :) And I am ready to run. I will be posting pictures from Saturday. It's not too late to join in! Here is a refresher on what it's all about:

The first Out Run CF Virtual Race was a huge success. Runners and walkers from all over the world came together with one thing in mind, to Out Run Cystic Fibrosis! This fall, on October 1, 2011, we plan to do it again. The Rock CF Foundation and CysticLife are joining forces, once again, to bring you another Out Run CF Virtual Race.
In case you missed out last time, or need a refresher, here is how it works. Anyone and everyone is invited to participate: Fibros, Cysters, parents, spouses, friends, extended family, you name it! Participants will find a route near their house. Then on October 1, 2011, EVERYONE will lace up their sneakers and hit the pavement in their Out Run CF shirt (Each registrant will receive a t-shirt unique to this fall’s race from us in the mail).
No distance is too long, or too short. YOU pick YOUR mileage. 1 mile? 5K? 10K? 10 miles? Half Marathon? Marathon? It’s up to you! Nothing is too fast or too slow YOU pick YOUR speed. We just want to get the entire CF community out of their houses and into their running shoes on the same day, for the same cause.
Registrants can blog about their training, ask questions, and share tips on We want the entire site to be plastered with talk of exercise, running, and encouragement. On race day, we want people to post their times and their experiences. Let’s make this Virtual Race even BIGGER than the first one! Let’s make it the biggest race the community, and the world, has ever seen!!
So here again are the hard facts:

Who: Everyone
What: Outrun CF Virtual Race held by Rock CF Foundation and CysticLife
When: October 1, 2011
Where: Anywhere
Why: Because anyone can run—whether it’s for a minute or a marathon! Together we can Out Run CF.
How : Register at

Helpful sites to get you started:—Blog about your progress, ask questions about training to the community, post Airwaves with your daily run updates, connect with others to encourage them and be encouraged—Make and account and join the Rock CF/CysticLife group to track your miles and keep track of others!—Join the Out Run CF group to see how many people are outrunning CF and connect with them!—Get inspired, find training programs.

So let's raise some awareness for Cystic Fibrosis! 

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  1. Great job keeping up with P90X! I haven't exercised since I started work 4 weeks ago...yikes! Tomorrow should be interesting, but I'm hoping it'll start me up again. Where did you get P90X? I hear it's expensive. Do you have to modify it at all for yourself, and do you consume a ton of calories after?