Sunday, January 21, 2018

Being Sick is a Bummer

I know you have all seen posts (many shared by me) about why it is so important to stay home if you are sick, but I wanted to share my personal reasons for saying this. The last week of school, I caught a head cold... It was just a stuffy nose with lots of sneezing. No big deal right? Wrong. About a week went by with not much change until all of the sudden, I noticed my lungs getting tighter and my cough becoming wetter. I called my doctor to let them know that I thought this head cold had traveled and settled into my lungs. They called in an antibiotic that is known to cause muscle and tendon tears. That meant that not only was I not feeling well, I would have to really lay off my workouts on top of it.

After about a week, I was starting to feel better, and I was pumped! I thought I had kicked this little infection, and things were looking up. Soon, my lungs started to feel more junky and congested again, and I was feeling pretty miserable. Fast forward to January 3rd when I went to my CF clinic appointment, and my lung function had dropped significantly. Bring on 2 more weeks of antibiotics. That next week, I went to work one day, but I left feeling worse and completely drained. I made the choice to take the next 3 days off to rest and hide from all the germs running rampant in schools right now.

The extra rest helped a lot, and I started to feel more like myself. The next week, we ended up having 3 snow days, and I only had to teach 1 day. So again, there was a lot of resting and taking things easy. I have since finished up my antibiotics and had a follow up PFT. My lung function had gone up to 38% which was much better than a couple weeks before.

The problem is that I am still not back to 100% myself. I'm still working to dig myself out of this hole all because I caught a simple cold over a month ago. What seems like nothing to the average person, can be life threatening and serious to those of us who have other health issues to deal with. So I beg of you... if you are sick, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, whatever, please stay home and/or make every effort to stop the spread of your germs. I am terrified of catching the flu, and I am doing everything I can on my side of things to keep that from happening. Please do your part to help also!


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  2. Just came across your blog. Greetings from another CF transplant patient. Stay strong and keep smiling :)