Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 Goals

Normally, I write a New Year's post January 1st. It's a post that focuses on how the previous year went and the goals for the new year. The problem is that I've been struggling to figure out my feeling about 2015 and where I want to go from here.

2015 was difficult for me. The year started off strong, and I finally started to see my lung function improve a little. I continued with my treatment compliance and my workouts. About halfway through the year, things started to change. I had my first lung bleed, had my wisdom teeth taken out, and my lungs just had troubles dealing. My lung function dropped, and has been lower than I would like ever since. I have worked incredibly hard, and my lungs have fallen into a pattern. They feel great for a couple weeks, and then they will hurt and feel terrible for a week or so. I have felt like I've been getting nowhere with them and with my health. To top it all off, I started 2016 by getting a respiratory virus... yay me...

The second half of the year wasn't all bad though. I never stopped keeping up with my treatments, and December 31st marked two years of being compliant! I didn't give up on working out either. We have been working on my lungs in almost every workout, and I hit 210 pounds on dead lifts! I also started taking Orkambi, but the jury is still out on if I have seen benefits from it.

So that brings us to my 2016 goals. What am I going to work towards this year? What am I going to do to reach those goals?

  1. Make it to three years of 100% compliance with breathing treatments.
  2. Stick to my workouts (continue to get stronger and work harder).
  3. Work on my nutrition (find a balance between eating healthy and keeping weight on).
  4. Stay positive (no matter what, I will keep pushing and fighting. When times get tough, I'm going to keep going).
Here's to a new year, new opportunities, and new goals. Happy 2016!


  1. Hi Kayla! I found your blog amongst other CF stories, and wanted to share my link for bracelets I am selling to raise money for CF and hopefully help find a cure! I hope this message find you well :)


  2. Some great goals for this year! Hope you continue to work hard and stay positive. Keep fighting the good fight!

  3. Hi Kayla!

    I have just started reading your blog and I'm honestly so amazed by your strength and courage! You're doing so well and despite how rubbish you might be feeling you just carry on and on!

    I also have chronic illnesses of a different nature such as M.E, asthma, and other various things which I have just started blogging about so it's really interesting to read your stories! My friend, Ellie, also has Cystic Fibrosis which she blogs about too so I'll leave a link below!

    I hope you're doing well. Keep up the fight!

    Love, Cat xxx

    My friend Ellie's blog:

    My blog:

    1. Also, I followed your blog on bloglovin'! :)