Thursday, February 24, 2011

The pressure is on to find a teaching job...

I graduated last May with my degree in teaching grades K-6. I searched and searched all summer long for a teaching job but quickly learned that it is all about who you know. I am not from Murfreesboro originally, so those people who have been here their whole lives scooped up the available positions quickly. Where did that leave me?  With no teaching job and no benefits of a full time job. Now don't get me wrong, I love love love the job that I am at right now. I do ABA therapy with children who have special needs, mainly Autism. The only problem is that because I have Cystic Fibrosis, I am not someone who can just go out and get health insurance thanks to my "preexisting condition." Therefore, I need a job that offers some good benefits including insurance.

Right now, I am okay insurance wise, because I am still on my parents', and I get to continue that coverage until I'm 26 whether I am married or not. The only problem is that the insurance comes through Dad's job which is once again in jeopardy. Long story short, if the family business goes down, we lose the insurance. So, the pressure is on to find a teaching job for next fall. Any advice on how to snatch one up? Because clearly, my techniques are not that effective. 


  1. I hear ya girl! I am in your exact same boat! I can not find a teaching job anywhere. Also I have back problems that are "Pre existing" I can not stand that stuff....! I hope me and you both find something soon. Let me know if you get any good advice!

    ~Megan Thomas~

  2. Ummmm... Dogwood. I know, I know.... plus they are cutting coach positions here in Knoxville which means they will all need to be placed in a classroom if they get cut.

    Go from school to school with a portfolio. A good one. With pictures, everything. That's what I did. Only reason that I got my job. Volunteer if you ever have time to tutor kids. Get your name out there. Do you have any teacher friends out there?